Strategic Solutions to Focus Your Digital Marketing on the Bottom Line

M.Y. Edge - Digital Marketing Integration is a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses identify opportunities for increased growth and efficiency online, develop integrated digital strategies based on research and industry expertise, and implement those strategies using proven techniques.

consultingThe business world is abuzz with stories of innovative ways to leverage the web, social media like twitter and facebook, and email to drive more customer response.  Yet many businesses attempting to get serious online become lost in the technicalities of search engine optimization, search marketing, contextual advertising and web analytics and end up wasting valuable time and money on a marketing update that goes nowhere. 

Even worse, many businesses are so intimidated by the web, and the horror stories they hear from colleagues about their experiences trying to break into it that they become paralyzed, standing idly by while they watch savvier competitors reap the rewards and dominate their markets.

M.Y. Edge exists to demystify digital channels for your organization: