Is Social Media on Your Back Burner? 37 Reasons to Turn Up the Heat on Social Marketing

Posted by Mike O'Rourke on Wed, Oct 27, 2010 @ 04:49 PM

Is Social Media on Your Back Burner? 37 Reasons to Turn Up the Heat on Social MarketingSocial media is such a buzz word these days that it can be very easy to discount it as another fad. I'm sure most of us know better than to write social media off, and yet seemingly every few weeks we see another example of a well known brand failing to grasp the impact social media has on their reputation, whether they're actively engaged in it or not. 

Matthew Yeomans over at Advertising Age recently posted a great slide show with 37 case studies on social media blunders by big brands. It's worth spending a little time thumbing through each of the cases to see some of the ways that the web and social media are forcing industry juggernauts like GM, Boeing, Domino's, and even Facebook itself to take customer feedback seriously.

Most notable was how many of the companies Ad Age discusses had little to no social media presence before being raked over the coals by the masses. It's hard to believe that organizations with the budget and resources to take the reigns of the discussion of their brand neglected this very real marketing and PR channel before their respective wake up calls.

What was once best practice in public relations just won't cut it in today's connected world. Does your organization have a plan to engage your most vocal customers in a constructive way online? If not, this litany of blown opportunities and costly social media fumbles should scare you straight.

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